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salted butter caramel icing in a large dessert glass decorated with spun sugar and fudge pieces. Tried & Tested

Salted butter caramel ice cream

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This recipe for salted butter caramel ice cream is simply delicious, an absolute must for any ice cream lover.  It was created by Eric Lanlard and featured on series 2 of Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard on Channel 4.

Key Information

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  • Serves:6
  • Skill level:easy

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For the ice cream

  • 500ml 17 fl oz Milk (whole)
  • 250ml 8½ fl oz Single cream
  • 60g 2⅛ oz Butter (salted)
  • 300g 10⅝ oz Unrefined golden caster sugar (we like Billington's) Unrefined golden caster sugar
  • 5 5 Egg yolk(s) (free range)
  • 1tsp 1tsp Vanilla extract (we like Nielsen-Massey)

For the spun sugar

To serve

  • Single cream
  • Fudge pieces

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  1. Classic mode Step 1

    In a saucepan heat the milk and cream.

    Ingredients for this step

    • 500ml 17 fl oz Milk (whole)
    • 250ml 8½ fl oz Single cream
  2. Classic mode Step 2

    In another saucepan make the caramel by adding the caster sugar and put on to the heat until it turns into a golden colour. Add the salted butter and stir until smooth and glossy

    Ingredients for this step

  3. Classic mode Step 3

    Slowly pour in the milk/cream mixture, a little at a time, taking care when pouring as the mixture bubbles up. Mix well until all combined.

  4. Classic mode Step 4

    In a bowl, whisk the egg yolks and vanilla extract and slowly pour in the cream caramel mixture. Return the mix back into the pan and gently heat to thicken and form a light custard or until it coats the back of a spoon.

    Ingredients for this step

    • 5 5 Egg yolk(s) (free range)
    • 1tsp 1tsp Vanilla extract (we like Nielsen-Massey)
  5. Classic mode Step 5

    Once thickened, pass through a sieve into a bowl and leave to cool.

  6. Classic mode Step 6

    Once cool, pour the mixture into the ice cream machine bowl and churn for 45-60 minutes. Scoop the ice-cream into a suitable shallow container and put into the freezer to set firmer.

  7. Classic mode Step 7

    For the spun sugar, put the sugar in a pan and place on the stove to heat. Let the sugar melt gently until it turns into a dark caramel. Take off the heat and leave to cool slightly. Dip a spoon and pull the sugar into thin hair like strands and shape creatively.

    Ingredients for this step

  8. Classic mode Step 8

    To serve, scoop the ice-cream into balls and serve in a dessert glass sprinkled with mini vanilla fudge pieces, some pouring cream and garnish with the spun sugar.

    Ingredients for this step

    • Single cream
    • Fudge pieces