All I Want for Christmas is... Icing Sugar??

Written by:Sam

Ok, so this is an ingredient that we use all year long and yes, it might not be one that you would directly associate with Christmas, like cinnamon or mince meat, for example, but actually this is one essential ingredient that you won’t want to miss off of your Christmas food shopping list.

You will have more than likely already baked your Christmas Cake, be feeding it for added booziness and searching on Pinterest for inspiration on this year’s decoration style. When it comes to smoothly covering your cake with marzipan and sugar paste icing, icing sugar will become your best friend to avoid any sticky mess. 

Lightly dust your work surface with icing sugar and rotate your marzipan and sugar paste with each roll to prevent it from sticking and also to achieve a circular shape which will help with even coverage of the cake. Check out our how to guide  for simple step by step photos. 

Next on your baking to do list is surely the traditional mince pie or perhaps your family is more 'team yule log', either way you can’t deny that a dusting of icing sugar completes the snowy winters look. 

Top Tip: Did you know that you use can icing sugar to make royal icing? Whip it up with egg whites and touch of glycerine and you can use it to decorate your Christmas biscuit, hold together your gingerbread house or use it as an alternative Christmas cake topping.


If you didn’t get round to baking a classic fruit cake this year, don’t panic, we have an adorable Christmas sponge cake that you can whip up on Christmas eve whilst you wait for Santa. Seriously who can resist this super cute Reindeer cake? You guys tell us that Silver Spoon makes the best smoothest buttercream and as this cake is smothered in lots of it, it would be rude not to try a slice. Just make sure that you save some for the big man!


Talking of Santa, on Christmas eve he is usually in such a hurry delivering all those presents around the world he doesn’t always remember to brush his feet and can sometimes leave magical snowy (some might even say “icing sugar-like”) footprints around the Christmas tree. [Parents you will know what we mean…] Our handy template can help you create the perfect magical surprise for your little ones on Christmas morning.

So when you’re writing your list and checking it twice, don’t forget icing sugar makes your bakes extra nice - after all Santa Claus is coming to town.

"I love the mantra 'do the things in life that makes you happy' and for me that is baking. I genuinely am Baking Mad. As a new Mummy I look forward to experiencing baking all over again, and some of the fun challenges that come with it, with my little girl"

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