Baking the Perfect Baby Shower

Written by:Philippa

Planning a baby shower needn’t be daunting. I recently had to do this for my sister, who is expecting her first baby. The exciting bit is the planning stage; this is where your ideas can run wild (Which mine did!)  I thought about having a theme for the day which would just give a focus and a starter for ten. We decided that ‘Aliens’ was a little too crass so settled for ‘Afternoon Tea’. This theme allowed me to start a Pinterest board drawing inspiration from decoration to food, to games and invites.

The best thing I did was ask a friend to help. My friend Sam has a really good eye for detail. I crowned her ‘Decoration and Game Queen’ whilst I took care of the nibbles.  


I decided I wanted to keep things simple and easy. I wrote a list of everything you’d expect from a ‘high tea’ event which included sandwiches, scones, cakes and tea and then delegated something to everyone on the guest list.
My mum was tasked with sandwiches. If there’s one thing my mum can do, it’s a mean sandwich. From white bread to wholemeal, she had this covered. This salmon and cucumber sandwich recipe is a timeless classic for a high tea themed party. Cut the crusts off to be extra posh!

Top Tip: If you’re anything like my mum, you’ll want to save the crusts. Let these go stale and then blitz them. You can use these for breadcrumbs later!

When it comes to scones, I knew I could delegate these to anyone because they’re so easy to make. We had two versions; sweet and savoury. This was the recipe that was used for the Classic Scones. I had a jar left over from a shoot of raspberry and prosecco jam which we teamed with the scones. The sharp raspberry flavour complimented the thick clotted cream really well and these got eaten quickly. For the savoury, we opted for these Cheese and Marmite Scones. I've got to say, it was the cheese and marmite ones which were the bigger hit. We warmed them up and lathered them with butter. So delicious!

My friend Bex made these adorable Baby Shower Gingerbread Biscuits which she personalised with miniature space suits (my sister loves anything space related). These were a lovely personal touch.
We also had a Classic Victoria Sponge and as self-crowned Brownie Queen, naturally I had to make the Ultimate Billington Brownies. Not a single one was left! For the show stopper, this cake was made. Naturally we used a tiny space man topper!



With everyone stuffed full, it was time for the GAMES. Sam had asked for everyone to bring a baby photo. These were displayed next to a number and each person had to guess who it was. Some were really easy to identify, others were hard! I definitely recommend this game as it had everyone laughing so much.We also played a game where we blindfolded my sister and had her taste test a range of pureed baby foods. This was hilarious as she mistook ‘peas and carrots’ for ‘chicken and rice’.

After everyone was thoroughly stuffed silly and entertained, we showered my sister with gifts and then everyone went home. While my sister was having a nap after her ordeal, I cleaned up really quickly because everything went in the dishwasher! A day later my sister and I printed off little ‘thank you’ cards and we took the time to thank everyone for their gift and food that they brought.

More Baby Shower Food Ideas

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