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Written by:Sam

In the run up to the festive season it can be sometimes hard to keep the children busy during the Christmas holidays. Here at Baking Mad, we've come up with a few treats for kids. Perhaps yours are older and have the patience to make a gingerbread house. However, if you're less inclined to have half finished gingerbread houses lying around and need something quicker and easier to make, then we have some Christmas treats inspiration for you. 

These muscovado tree merinuges take just 15 minutes to prepare. They don't just have to be Christmas tree shaped either as you use a piping bag. Kids love decorating these so make sure you have lots of fun sparkles for this stage. We've used small smarties and chocolate for ours, but you could add some festive sprinkles. 








We all love the smell of gingerbread at Christmas. With biscuits being one really simple thing to make, why not try these decorated Christmas tree decorations? This recipe is by Juliet Sear and she's deorated them so well!   The tasty combination of Light Muscovado sugar, Cinnamon and Orange will give your biscuits that special edge that will definitely get you noticed by Santa. 








 Perhaps you're looking for a bit of a twist on tradition? These mini rocky road muffins are baked and decorated to look like little Christmas puddings. They're so sweet! They contain all the sweet treats we assosiate with rocky road, but enveloped in a deliciously rich muffin batter. We've chosen white chocolate and mini holly leaves to decorate them with. 








We've got a really fun recipe for your younger ones to follow. These sprout cake truffles look just like the real deal but taste so much better! We've used chocolate cake for our truffle base, but you could use a plain sponge or anything you find in the shops if you'd rather not bake. Blitz the cake to a find breadcrumb and then mix it with buttercream until you get a mixture you can form a small ball with. We used green candy melts to coat ours with. We used an edible pen to mark the faces on top. 







 For the ultimate no bake this Christmas, try our white chocolate and cranberry rocky road. It only takes 20 minutes to put together and you can easily swap bits out you're not too keen on. Ths is so easy to make with plently of spatula licking opportunities. If you love our recipe suggestions, why not take a look at our  Christmas Pinterest board for some more inspiration?

We would love to see your Christmas bakes so why not enter our  Baker of the Month competition for a chance to win a baking hamper. 










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