Crazy About Christmas Jumpers

Written by:Sam

It’s official, Santa Claus is coming to town. If like us, you think long and hard about impressing the big man with a plate of delicious goodies when he drops off your presents (just to guarantee a spot on the ‘Nice’ list next year) you are going to want to give the traditional mince pie offering a bit of an upgrade this year and we have just the thing.

Whether you have been naughty or nice this year, the chances are that you will be donning an “ugly” Christmas jumper (we actually love them)  at some point over the festive period. If you are as mad about baking as we are, you aren’t just going to want to wear one you will want to bake a whole load of them too.

There are some great Christmas jumper cutters available in stores right now. A top tip is to chill your cookies for at least 30 minutes on your baking tray before baking to help prevent them from spreading out in the oven – after all nobody wants a baggy overstretched Christmas jumper. 

Once the jumpers are baked and chilled then the fun really begins. Whether you’re covering your biscuits in sugar paste icing or whipping up a batch of super easy icing with icing sugar and water, let your creativity go wild. Personally, we think the more garish the colour combos and patterns the better. Check out our Christmas Pinterest board for some inspiration. 

Why not try creating a unique knitted effect on your jumpers? Whilst you could use a fancy decorating tools or mould to create this effect, we have some super quick hacks to create a similar effect without having to nip to a bakeware store.

If you are looking for the perfect recipe for your Christmas cookies then check out Billington’s Gingerbread Christmas Tree Decorations recipe, the tasty combination of Light Muscovado sugar, Cinnamon and Orange will give your biscuits that special edge that will definitely get you noticed by Santa. 

These would also make great gifts for friends, family or perhaps a Secret Santa present? What’s more you could use them to help others and raise money for charity as part of the Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day this year. 

We would love to see your Christmas Jumper bakes so why not share them with us on our social channels or alternatively enter our Baker of the Month competition for a chance to win an Ultimate Baking Hamper.

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