Facebook Baking Hacks

Written by:Sam

We recently ran a competition on our Facebook page (Baking Mad UK) asking our followers to share their top baking hacks. We were overwhelmed with the response and can’t wait to put some of these in to practice. See below some of our favourite tips.

“Always read recipes before you start to make sure you have all the ingredients that you need” Tracey Holden

“Take pics of your bakes to have a record” Claire Greensit

“Always dip mixed dried fruit in flour before adding to the mix stops them sinking to the bottom of the cake” Wendy Jane Proctor

“Listen to the cake if it “sings” to you it’s not ready and stick it back in the oven” Natalie Page


“A sure fire, quick & easy way to separate your eggs! Crack the egg into a bowl – then using an empty plastic pop / water bottle (I keep & use one of those 500ml water volvic water bottles) – squeeze the bottle neck over the yolk, then release the squeeze and suck the yolk up into the empty bottle – squeeze the bottle again to release the yolk into another bowl. Hey presto! No more faffing! “ Deann Rooke

“Buy an oven thermometer. Takes the guess work out and very precise.” Theresa Louise Cooke

“Whenever I’m making a recipe that uses raisins or currants, I cover them in some boiling water mixed with a (large!!) splash of whiskey! Cover the bowl with a saucer or cling film, and let them plump up a bit Delicious!” Louise McGhee

“It’s much easier to grate your butter into the mixture, especially if you need to cream it and you are doing it by hand” Caroline Smith

“If my cake fails, as long as it’s not raw it’s salvageable, break it into chunks & cover with angel delight! Top tip, the kids love it” Jackie Alderson

“Place a slice of bread in a container of freshly baked cookies to maintain their freshness “ Laura Elliott

“I always write the size of my cake tins on the bottom using permanent marker then cut (or at least mark out) a variety of liners and keep them inside each tin so I know immediately which liner fits. I cut yards of side liners and keep that on a roll so it’s easy to get stared on baking very quickly” Debbie Carr

“Put a tea towel across your cooling rack it stops line on your cakes” Jackie Heaton Baking Nanna

“When making cakes make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature, also chill pastry before baking it stops shrinkage, finally LOOK OUT FOR SOGGY BOTTOMS!!!” Helen Huxley

“icing can hide a multitude of sins” Jess Powell

“Sprinkle semolina on the part baked base of an apple pie before filling. It soaks up all the lovely juices and makes ur pie easier to slice. Mmm….” Tina Higgins

“Roll out pastry (or biscuit dough) between sheets of cling film. No need for extra flour and so easy to lift into the tin without it tearing.” Michelle Blane

“I use vanilla extract in cakes to enhance other flavours such chocolate and coffee. It seems to intensify the flavour” Sally Tuson

“I once made a cake that sunk in the middle, I did not have time to make another so cut out the soggy bit and filled it with jelly beans, way before PiƱata cakes became popular.” Sheena Dunn

“If cake has started to brown a bit and not cooked inside cover top of cake with foil works every time lovely golden brown cake then cool and cover with icing sugar.” Judy Bradbeer

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