How to Make a Showstopper Cake

Written by:Sam Franklin

Making a showstopper cake really isn’t as difficult as you may think. If you follow our simple easy step by step guide you could be wowing your friends and family in no time.

There seems to be a whole host of anti-gravity cakes ‘flying’ around (get it?!) on the internet recently so I thought I would try our hand at making a sweet inspired cake using our favourite chocolate treats.

I began with a basic chocolate sponge cake which was filled and crumb coated with a chocolate buttercream. Some of you may have heard ‘crumb coating’ mentioned in recipes or on baking shows. It really isn’t as complicated as it sounds, it is simply covering the outside of your cake with buttercream in order to trap the crumbs so that they don’t stick to your sugar paste icing (if you are covering your cake) or in this case the buttercream is used as a glue to stick the chocolate fingers and sweets in place.


A handy tip when crumb coating is to pop your sponge in the fridge briefly beforehand, this will firm up your sponge and prevent any pesky crumbs escaping into your icing. You must however, never try to crumb coat your cake whilst it is still warm as the icing was simply melt straight off, similar to those disasters that you might see in the Great British Bake Off tent!

Once the cake was baked, cooled and crumb coated I began to stick the chocolate fingers around the outside of the sponge. Remember to leave a gap at the front to stick your sweets giving the effect that they are spilling off the top of the cake. When all of the fingers are stuck on (and a few of them mistakenly popped into your mouth!) you need to begin to stick the sweets in place. I used Malteasers and M&M’s but any sweet (that comes in a packet) would work. Just don’t bin the empty sweet wrappers as you will need these later.


I divided the cake in half using the sweets as an outline; Malteasers on the left and M&M’s on the right and began filling in each side with the sweets. Before the top of the cake was completely covered I inserted the cake dowels which act as the support for the sweets being poured from the packets above. To hold in to place I dipped the bottom of the dowels in melted chocolate before inserting into the sponge. The remaining chocolate can be used later to stick the sweets to the top of the dowel.

I also smoothed some melted chocolate on to the front of the cake board so that I could add more sweets and keep them in place. This is important otherwise when you move your cake you will end up with Malteasers rolling all over the place like a game of Hungry Hippos!

Once all of the sweets are in place, use the melted chocolate similar to glue to stick the sweets on to the dowel. You may not need to go all the way up to the top as this will be covered by your empty sweet wrappers. It is worth placing these on top of your dowels early to give you an idea how far you need to go.

Once these are in place then your cake is complete. If your sweet wrappers won’t stay in place a handy tip is to fill them with marshmallows which will fluff up the packets making them look more genuine.

A slice of this cake may be more calories than you care to think about but believe me it is worth it. Go on give it a try!

"I love the mantra 'do the things in life that makes you happy' and for me that is baking. I genuinely am Baking Mad. As a new Mummy I look forward to experiencing baking all over again, and some of the fun challenges that come with it, with my little girl"

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