Our Christmas Wishlist

Written by:Kylie Shepherd

We've Been Busy Writing our Christmas List for Santa...Here's Our (Slimmed Down) Lust-Haves This Christmas...


1. Copper Dough Cutter

  We just love this dough cutter - with a copper handle and stainless steel blade, it will trim down your dough to whatever size you need with ease. Not only does it do the job but it looks good doing it. 



Available at John Lewis for £10




2. Chocolate Brussel Sprouts

Most people hate this classic Christmas veg but these ones are made entirely from delicious chocolate. Each sprout is made from solid chocolate in a moreish white chocolate shell. Christmas greens have never tasted so good. 

Available at Not On The High Street for £12


3. Vintage Jelly Mould

 Step back in time with this fantastic vintage jelly mould. It will make an amazing centrepiece at the table with it's vintage charm. 




Available from John Lewis for £7




4. Kitty Measuring Cups 

These kitty measuring cups are so adorable and will be perfectly at home in my kitchen. These 4 different sized measuring cups also come with beautifully painted cat faces on the front, little feet and a tail. Not only will it make it easier to follow and American recipe without converting but they will make you smile too. 

Available at Prezzy Box for £15.99

5.  The Cake Crusader Cake Plate

These China side plates really make us smile. We'll be happy while we're eating the cake and we'll still be happy when we've finished when this gorgeous French Bulldog reveals its face. 

Available at Not On The High Street for £25


6. Aprons 

This was too difficult to decide on - do we go with Gin or Wine? We decided to go with both.The black and metallic wording gives the aprons a classy feel. Simply finish off with a glass of wine or a gin and tonic...what could be better? Both available at Not On The High Street 











7. Deluxe Three Tier Cake Stand

This one is a bit extravagant but if you can't ask Santa for it, who can you ask? This cake stand is so stylish and luxurious it would look simply stunning on the kitchen side of dining table - only the best cakes would do. 

Available from Not On The High Street for £94.50








8. Christmas Pudding Bin Bags

No-one enjoys putting the rubbish out (especially at Christmas) but these Christmas Pudding bin bags should make it less of a chore. Plus it makes the festive feeling last, even after all the presents have been opened. And you never know - you might even make the bin men smile!

Available from Find Me a Gift for £7.99






9. Baking Bracelet

Wear your passion on your sleeve with this gorgeous baking charm bracelet. Charms include a mini spatula, measuring spoons, pepper mill and cook book to name a few - simply gorgeous. 


Available at Etsy for £24.95

10. Doughnut Clock

It's Doughnut Time!This delicious looking clock would look amazing in our kitchen. Every time we check the time it would be sure to inspire us to get baking! 

Available at Zazzle for £21.10

“I love to cook and spend time out in the garden growing and foraging for my own ingredients.  As a vegetarian I like experimenting with recipes to find suitable twists to classic cooking, though the team would argue my speciality is my Christmas Pudding Chocolate Brownie bites and insist I make variations for every occasion.”

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