Have a Eurovision Feast

Written by:Kylie Shepherd

Throwing a party to celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest? Why not treat your friends (and yourself) to some delicious recipes from across Europe...they're sure to make you a Eurovision Winner. 


1. Fly The Flag

Why not fly the flag and celebrate with our impressive Union Jack cupcakes and tray bake? They are so easy to make and are sure to get you in the party spirit.  



2. Ooh La La

Nothing quite says France like a freshly baked baguette.

This light, airy baguette has a wonderful crisp golden crust that is quintissentially French. Delicious served warm from the oven and smothered in butter, it'll add a savoury note to your party. 

Or why not serve it with some baked camembert or brie? Yum! 

Did you know that there are competitions in France to find the perfect baguette? We think we may have found it! 


3. A True Delight

 These Turkish treats are usually florally flavoured with rosewater, orange or lemon and generously dusted with icing sugar. Why not try our classic recipe or go one step further with our Turkish Delight Cake. Complete with pieces of turkish delight in the sponge and a rose water buttercream, it really is a delight. 


4. A Fiesta of Flavours

Originating from North-Western Spain during the Medieval period.

This delicious almond flavoured tart is traditionally decorated with the St. James' Cross and has been a favourite of piligrims for years. 

Deliciously moist and fragrant, it can be seen in the windows of the restaurants and pastry shops around the Cathedral of Santiago - a true classic. 

This recipe was taken from World's best cakes by Roger Pizey, published by Jacqui Small.


5.  A Greek Feast

When you think of Greece, you probably think of two things...Spinach and Cheese Pastries and Feta! Try our delicious Spanakopita - they are a delicious and easy version of the Greek classic and ideal for a savoury spin. If you feel like you need a bit of greenery at the party, we definitley recommend the Baked Feta Salad. This is no ordinary salad though - infused with the heat of chilli and the aromatic tastes of garlic and oregano - it is a taste sensation. 

Both recipes will add a fresh and savoury option to the party! 


6. A Swedish Sensation

This Sweish Chanterelle and Vasterbottensost Tart is essentially a wild mushroom tart with Vasterbottensost cheese (a traditional cheese from the Swedish region).

However, you can use any mushrooms you like and if you struggle to find the cheese, you can use a Gruyere or strong Cheddar instead. 

Although it may not look that exciting, the taste really is.

A truly delicious Swedish tart from Donal Skehan. 


7. Luck of the Irish

Enjoy the taste of Ireland with our delicious no-fuss soda bread recipe. Spread generously (very generously) with butter - it is little slice of Ireland. What's more - it takes less than an hour to make! 

If you fancy something a bit sweeter, why not try our little Irish Stout, Chocolate and Beetroot Cakes. The stout adds a richness to the cake whilst the beetroot makes it moist and gives it a beautiful red tinge. Plus - they look like mini pints of guiness! Delightful! 


8. The Sound of Strudel 

A very popular part of Austrian cuisine - the strudel is a classic and is sure to be a favourite.

Our Apple Strudel is a reduced sugar recipe - using Half Spoon Granulated Sugar and Filo pastry - great for those who are trying to reduce their sugar intake but still want a sweet treat! 

We love to serve it with low fat Greek Yorhurt or Ice Cream...Delicious! 

“I love to cook and spend time out in the garden growing and foraging for my own ingredients.  As a vegetarian I like experimenting with recipes to find suitable twists to classic cooking, though the team would argue my speciality is my Christmas Pudding Chocolate Brownie bites and insist I make variations for every occasion.”

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