A Free From Challenge - Doughnuts

Written by:Hannah West

Free From Baking is Scary!

Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm a Coeliac.

I have always loved baking, and baked regularly with my Mum and Dad since I was a little girl. I genuinely believe it's good for the soul and because of this it's my favourite stress reliever (and you get to eat a delicious treat as a result!)

However, when I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease 8 years ago, one of my favourite past-times was suddently a lot harder and became pretty intimidating. To be really honest I didn't even know what gluten was, so trying to cut it out was a nightmare. 


After a few years of getting used to gluten free eating and subsequently gluten free flour in baking, I started to get sensitive to other allergens. First it was dairy and now eggs too - so I now have the even bigger challenge of gluten hree Vegan baking.

I have spent years trying different ratios and ingredients trying to get the best results and despite my many many cake fails (I've eaten a lot of molten raw cake batter) I feel like I'm finally starting to crack free from baking. 

I'd love to share my bakes with you and probably my many cake fails, to show that you can bake without allergens and it can be AMAZING!


A 'Normal' Doughnut
The Dreaded Doughnut

If there is one thing I miss, more than anything, it is the doughnut. I can't even remember what a 'glutenous' doughnut tastes like, but I remember that I loved them. 

I have never attempted these before, as I thought they would be nigh on impossible. That's until I found out you could buy a doughnut tin! That definitely would make it easier, as it would solve the need for a structured gluten free dough (something I definitely haven't mastered yet). 

So, I did some research and found a few different recipes across the internet but they all contained complicated ingredients in usual ratios - so I decided just to have a go and make the recipe up as I went!

Here's what I did...

My Gluten Free Baking Essentials & My Messy Kitchen
My Gluten Free Vegan Baking Essentials...

 I tend to use some standard ingredients when baking free from. These are my favourites! I know, trust and love these ingredients which makes a daunting task such as this a little less scary. I found a few different recipes online to get a good idea on typical flavours, ratios of flour, sugar, etc. but I decided to play it by ear. 

The reason I've chosen coconut oil for this recipe, rather than a vegan margarine is because I wanted a slightly 'fried' finished doughnut, trying to get close to the original doughnut despite being baked.


I prefer to use flax seeds to make my 'eggs,' I like the slightly different texture they give my bakes and I think they keep the consistency as close to traditional baking as possible.

I decided to try two flavours to start with - a lemon doughnut and a chocolate doughnut.


The Weird Batter
I started by adding the sugar, flour, baking powder (I always add some to help the rise), flax seed 'eggs' and cacao or lemon (depending on which flavour you want). I then added my standard ratio of coconut oil and continued to add coconut oil until I got a batter like mixture. 

Now this is where it went a little strange - the batter was very thick, bubbly and almost a bit glue-like. It's not like my normal cake batter at all, but I went with it. I've found that the best free from bakes are usually the ones that you think start out the weirdest! 


The Wonderful Doughnut Pan
I popped my flubber-like batter into a piping bag, and snipped the end off. I then piped it into my (new favourite) doughnut pan!!


They Didn't Look Promising...
Once it was piped into the pan, I got very suspicious. It looked way too oily and I was starting to expect this would be another cake fail of mine.


I put them in the oven, and was amazed to find that after 12 minutes I had just made Gluten Free Vegan Doughnuts!!!

Lemon Doughnuts - Fresh Out of the Oven!
Even the Chocolate Ones Looked Good!


So rather than eating them all, I brought them into the Baking Mad Kitchen where we covered them in tasty drizzles and took some photos. So now you can try the weird and wonderful Gluten Free Vegan Doughnuts at home!


It is so easy to tweak the flavour of these doughnuts and they are absolutely delicious - especially fresh from the oven.

Hope you enjoy them, and I'll be back soon with more free from bakes :)



If You Want to Try More Free From Recipes...

“I’ve always loved baking, and baked regularly with my family from an early age. After being diagnosed with Coeliac disease, I quickly had to learn to be more experimental and how to make a tasty gluten free cake. Now, I love spending the weekend trying out new recipes and then sharing them with my friends and family. Nothing brings people together like a good bake!”

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