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Gluten Free Chocolate Orange Christmas Pudding

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  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian

About the bake

This chocolate orange Christmas pudding is a deliciously indulgent gluten free alternative to a traditional Christmas pudding. Why not impress your guests by pouring over some Cointreau and light it just before serving for a real showstopping dessert?

115Total Time
30Prep Time
45Bake Time


  1. Step 1:

    Heat the oven to 190°C (170°, gas mark 5).

  2. Step 2:

    Butter a 1.2 litre pudding basin, then cut 3 strips of greaseproof paper about 5 cm wide and lay 1 across the bowl so that it goes over the edges of the bowl. Now repeat with the other 2 strips to form a star shape in the bowl, then butter the paper.

  3. Step 3:

    Arrange the orange slices in the bowl, 1 on the base and four around the sides.

  4. Step 4:

    Gently melt the chocolate and butter in a saucepan over some gently simmering water, then leave to cool.

  5. Step 5:

    Separate the eggs and beat the whites until stiff, then add ½ the sugar and whisk again until stiff. Then add the other ½ of the sugar to the egg yolks and beat until pale in colour.

  6. Step 6:

    Stir the chocolate into the egg yolk mixture and add the orange extract, baking powder, cocoa powder, ground almonds and fruit. Then gently fold in the egg whites.

  7. Step 7:

    Spoon the mixture into the prepared bowl. Then fold a length of foil and wrap around the top edge of the basin to form a ‘cuff’, this will protect the pudding as it rises.

  8. Step 8:

    Place on a baking tray and bake in the oven for 40-45 minutes or until a skewer comes out of the centre clean.

  9. Step 9:

    Once cooked cool slightly, then turn the pudding upside down onto a plate, remove the greaseproof paper and serve.


    • 75g Unsalted butter (plus extra for greasing)
    • 1 Orange (sliced)
    • 100g Dark chocolate chips
    • 2 Free range large eggs
    • 100g Billington's Unrefined Light Muscovado Sugar
    • 1 tbsp Nielsen-massey pure orange extract
    • 1 tsp Baking powder
    • 2 tbsp Cocoa powder
    • 100g Ground Almonds
    • 100g Dried mixed fruit


  • 1.2l pudding basin
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Saucepan
  • Egg beater
  • Spatula
  • Baking tray
  • Baking foil

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