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To cover your cake with sugar paste icing, knead the icing until smooth, then roll out on a non stick board. If necessary use a little icing sugar to prevent the icing from sticking, but try not to use too much as it may dry out the icing and cause it to crack. For the best results smear your work surface with a tiny bit of white fat, this will make your icing smooth and shiny and easy to use.

Brush your marzipan covered cake with a tiny bit of white alcohol.

Measure the top and sides of your cake with a piece of string, then roll your icing out several centimetres large than this.

Using the rolling pin to help you lift the icing, drape it over the top of the cake and down over the sides like a flared skirt, this will help prevent pleats in the icing.

Using the palm of your hand, smooth the  icing over the top and sides  easing out any creases. Trim the icing against the base of the cake, and re roll the trimmings.

If liked, dust your hands with cornflour then rub your palms over the surface of the cake to smooth it.

Always keep the icing tightly wrapped in cling film to prevent it from drying out.   If you want to cover your cake board with sugar paste icing, do this before you cover your cake, then place the iced cake on top.