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Whisky cream liqueur

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This easy to make cream liqueur is so much nicer and less expensive to make than to buy. Bottle some up and treat your friends and family too.

Key Information

  • Prep:
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  • Serves:10
  • Skill level:easy

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  • 175ml 6 fl oz Espresso coffee
  • 379g 13½ oz Condensed milk
  • 1tbsp 1tbsp Chocolate extract (we use Nielsen-Massey) Chocolate extract
  • 175ml 6 fl oz Whisky

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  1. Classic mode Step 1

    Pour the coffee into a blender and add the condensed milk, chocolate extract and whisky. Blend for a couple of minutes until smooth. Pour into a jug and chill for several hours.

  2. Classic mode Step 2

    Pour into small, sterilised bottles and label. Keep refrigerated for up to 2 weeks. Best served poured over ice.