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10Prep Time

Strawberry & Orange Lollies

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  • Vegetarian

About the bake

These fruity lollies are absolutely delicious and so easy to make. The perfect treat for when the sun shines (hopefully) this Summer. If you wanted to try it with other fruits like lemon or raspberries, give it a go. We've not tried it but we'd love to hear how you get on with it! If you've got your own lolly moulds then this recipe is certainly cheaper than going to the shop.

10Prep Time


  1. Step 1:

    Add the rinds from the orange and lemons to a saucepan with the sugar, Orange Blossom and 300ml water. Heat until the sugar has dissolved, then simmer for 5 minutes. Leave to cool.

  2. Step 2:

    Juice the orange and lemons and add to the cool syrup. Strain

  3. Step 3:

    Heat the strawberries with a little water until soft. Purée the strawberries in a liquidiser with 2 tablespoons of the syrup then sieve to remove any large lumps. Pour into the base of the lolly moulds.

  4. Step 4:

    Pour the remaining syrup into the lolly moulds and freeze until solid.


    • 1 Orange (rind & juice)
    • 2 Lemons (rind & juice)
    • 100g Silver Spoon White Caster Sugar
    • 300ml Water
    • 225g Strawberries
    • 100ml Orange Blossom Water


  • Saucepan
  • Sieve
  • Liquidiser
  • Lolly sticks
  • Lolly moulds

Nutritional Information

per 127g
  • 180cal Energy
  • 0g Fat
  • 0g of which Saturates
  • 27g Carbohydrates
  • 20g of which Sugars
  • 0g Protein
  • 0g Salt

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