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Be patient, the slower and longer the bread takes to rise the better the flavour. On a warm day the bread may double in size in half an hour, but on a cool day can take up to 2-3 hours. In fact the longer and slower bread dough takes to rise the better the flavour. If you have trouble getting your bread to rise try these top tips.

– Make sure you use hand hot water when baking (use a mixture of half boiling, half cold water). If the water is too hot you may kill the yeast, if too cold the yeast won’t activate properly.

– You can also warm the mixing bowl and bread tins by rinsing with boiling water and drying thoroughly before use.

– Always cover the dough with a damp tea towel place inside an oiled bag, making a tent, or cover with oiled cling film, this stops a crust forming and keeps the dough away from draughts.

– Place the dough to rise  in a warm draught free place, in an airing cupboard, near a radiator,  on top of the fridge, in a warming drawer of the oven or on a chair near the oven.   If your dough doesn’t seem to be rising, try placing your mixing bowl or baking tray over a pan of warm but not hot water. It should not touch the water, but the steam from the warm water may help kick start the yeast fermentation.    Never place the dough on top of  a hot radiator as you may overheat and start cooking the dough.