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How to Prevent your Cake from Drying Out


Baking a cake is a bit scientific - using too much or too little of certain ingredients can result in a cake that doesn't quite turn out the way you want it too. One of the most common issues is that the cake is too dry, but fear not, if this happens to you on a regular basis, we have some top tips on how to make sure your next bake is light and moist. 


  1. Step 1:

    Measure, Measure, Measure

    One of the main causes of a dry cake is using too much flour and this is usually done by using a 'heaped' spoon instead of a level one (unless the recipe alls for a heaped spoon) - it all adds up. Make sure you level off your spoon before adding to the mixture. 

    Additionally, adding too little liquid can also cause dryness - don't skimp on the oil if the recipe calls for it in a bid to make it 'healthier'. Instead, you can use alternatives such as apple sauce. 

  2. Step 2:

    Mix & Pour

    After you've carefully measured out all of your ingredients it's time to mix. But don't overmix! Overmixing your cake mixture can cause a build up of gluten which in turn can make your cake dry. 

  3. Step 3:


    Check the temperature of the oven to make sure that it is reaching the temperature you think it should be. It's also worth making sure that you pre-heat the oven to give it time to get up to temperature. We always put the cake in for less time than the recipe calls for (around 5 minutes) and check it from there. We use a cake tester in the centre of the cake to check whether it's baked - if it comes out clean it's ready, if it comes out wet we pop it back in for a couple of minutes and repeat the process. 

  4. Step 4:


    If you're not going to eat the cake immediately it does pay to be prepared in the storage department. Make sure the cake cools completely before you store it. Store the cake (decorated or not) in an airtight container. You can buy purpose made cake keepers that do the job really well.