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Handy Hacks for Making Baking Simpler


Ever got half way through baking and realised that you have run out of an ingredient or not got the right piece of baking equipment that you need? Sometimes thinking outside the box and getting creative with other kitchen objects can be the difference between rescuing your baking and an ultimate #cakefail.

We have collected together some of our favourite baking hacks to share with you all.

Tip 1: Can’t find your rolling pin?

A bottle of wine is a great temporary rolling pin (and you could even treat yourself to a cheeky glass afterwards)

Tip 2: Forgotten to bring your eggs up to room temperature before baking?

Place the eggs in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes to bring the temperature up.

Tip 3: Accidentally dropped a bit of egg shell in your cake mix?


Wet your finger. This will make it easier for the shell to stick to your finger when removing.

Tip 4: Not got enough time to make buttercream?

Place a marshmallow on top of your cupcakes for the last 5 minutes of baking in the oven. The marshmallow will melt and create a deliciously fluffy topping.

Tip 5: Want even shaped cookies?

Spoon the mixture into the holes of muffin tin this will create evenly sized cookies.

Tip 6: Looking for an alternative cupcake decoration instead of buttercream?

Keep a cut off of lace fabric in your kitchen. Lay on top of each cupcake and gently dust with icing sugar to create a pretty design.

Tip 7: Forgot to buy chocolate chips for your cookies?


Place a few squares of chocolate in a freezer bag and bash with a rolling pin to make chocolate chunks.

Tip 8: Burnt cookies/cakes are a thing of the past

If you have accidentally left your bakes in the oven too long, remove any burnt edges by lightly rubbing with a cheese grater.

Tip 9: Get in a pickle when filling a piping bag?

Place your piping bag in a large jug or glass and peel down the sides of the bag, freeing up both hands to fill the piping bag. When ready, gently roll up the sides of the piping bag and away you go.

Tip 10: Cookies on the go

Make an extra batch of cookie dough and freeze in an ice cube tray for ready to bake cookies for those moments when surprise visitors pop by.

Tip 11: Run out of piping bags?

Fill a zip lock freezer bag with buttercream and snip off one of the corners for a handy alternative piping bag.

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