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Which Sugar Should I Use?


Shopping the sugar aisle in the supermarket can be a daunting experience, with so many different varieties to choose from knowing which sugar to use in your bakes can often be a mystery. That‘s why we have teamed up with our friends at Billington's to make it easy for you.

Here is their guide to the most used unrefined sugars and shows you which one to use and when.

‘Did you know that many different varieties of sugar can come from the same sugar cane? The trick is stopping the process at exactly the right time, in order to create the different flavours and colours that make up the full spectrum of sugar. This is why we craft our sugars with such precision, time and care. Unrefined sugars of the highest quality, which we’re proud to produce, retain more of the cane sugar’s natural depth of colour and flavour.’ 

Billington's Sugar 


molasses sugar on a spoon

The deepest and richest from the sugar spectrum, Natural cane molasses provides a deep treacle flavour and has the deepest flavour of all sugars. This is ideal for Fruitcakes, BBQ Sauces and marinades.

Dark Muscovado

dark muscovado sugar on a spoon

Has rich treacle and liquorice flavour notes due to high molasses content. Deep, long lasting flavour, it’s perfect for indulgent chocolate and fruit recipes. This full flavoured sugar is also ideal for adding richness to marinades.

‘An essential ingredient I always use at home and in my chocolate business is Billington's Dark Muscovado unrefined sugar. If you want silky ganache and desserts with flavour then switch your white sugar now. You will be surprised by how your cooking will be transformed from doing one simple thing and its already packed with natural caramel and Molasses making sweet sauces explode with flavour.‘

- Paul A Young, Master Chocolatier 

Light Muscovado

The finest and softest of the brown sugars with a warm honey colour and creamy fudge flavour. It’s perfect for cookies, fudge and sauces but is a good multi use sugar that will enhance all baking.

‘I love the Billington's Light Muscovado unrefined sugar, it gives my caramel and chocolate cakes such a rich fudgy-ness. It is truly sugar heaven.’

 - Juliet Sear


With large crystals and a deep caramel flavour, this sugar is ideal for dissolving in coffee or caramelised on crème brulee for a perfect crunch and finish.

Golden Granulated

trio of sugars on a spoon

Light Golden in colour and perfect for everyday use in team and coffee as well as on cereal or with fruit. 

Golden Caster Sugar

Golden caster sugar on a spoon

A golden and unrefined alternative to white caster sugar. It’s a great multi-purpose sugar ideal for sponge cakes and biscuits.

‘When it comes to quality sugar there really is only Billington’s. Their collection of unrefined, Mauritian sugars are the finest you can buy and bring a smell, flavour and taste that is divine. I use their Golden Caster Sugar in my recipes as using quality products such as this gives you much better results.‘

- Eric Lanlard, Master Patissier