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Cooking Conversions: Temperatures, Weights & Measurements


Here’s our handy cooking conversions chart infographic, to help unravel those confusing moments when you realise that your recipe is presented with unfamiliar values.  We’ve converted temperatures, weights and other measurements that will come in handy in the kitchen.  Whether you’re confused by how many ml there are in a cup or scuppered when converting oz to grams, download and print our simple Cooking Conversions Chart and keep it your kitchen.  Those of us who are taking this really seriously may just laminate it!

Infographic of conversions for baking

Nothing beats committing some of these conversions to memory, so that you have a vague idea of how much something weighs or its relative volume, when you’re out and about.  Here are our top cooking conversions to learn by heart to make your life a little easier! 

 9 Imperial to Metric Cooking Conversions to Memorise

We’ve rounded the numbers in places to make the conversions super easy, so be careful when multiplying if the recipe requires precision. 

1 cup = 250 ml
1 pint = 500 ml
1 quart = 1 L
1 gallon = 4 L
1 fl oz = 30 ml
1 oz = 30 g
5 oz = 140 g
10 oz = 285 g
16 oz (1 lb) = 450 g

We’ll be very impressed if you can memorise the next set of conversions, while that’s not what we’re suggesting!  Use the following conversions when cooking recipes that demand precise measures.

 9 Precision US, Metric & Imperial Cooking Conversions

1 US cup
240 ml
0.84 Imperial cup

1 US pint
473.18 ml
0.95 Imperial pint

1 US quart
946.35 ml
0.83 Imperial quart

1 US gallon
3785.41 ml
0.83 Imperial gallon

1 US fl oz
1.04 Imperial fl oz

1 oz
28.35 g

5 oz
141.75 g

10 oz
283.5 g

16 oz (1 lb)
453.59 g 

Now that you’re inspired to take on recipes from around the world, try our favourite bakes from the USA, while you’ll not find a cup measurement in sight! 

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