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How to Make Homemade Hot Cross Buns

Bread & Dough

Make the most of the long Easter weekend by whipping up a batch of homemade hot cross buns. They will delightfully fill the house with their delicious spiced scent. 

Yes they are easy to just pick up from a supermarket but the pleasure you will get from making your own will make it all worth it - especially when you taste how much better they taste (we think anyway!)

The great thing about making your own hot cross buns is that you can adapt it to your tastes - why not try adding a bit of a twist with our delicious recipes:

Classic Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Orange and Cranberry Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Vanilla and Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Apple and Cinnamon Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Cranberry and Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Hot Cross Bun Loaf