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two pots of crab apple jelly in glass jam jars.

Crab apple jelly

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This crab apple jelly recipe is ideal to use up your crab apples if you have an abundance in your garden.


Key Information

  • Prep:
  • Bake:
  • Kg:1.5
  • Skill level:easy

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  1. Classic mode Step 1

    Wash the apples and remove the stems. Cut into chunks and put into a large open pan. Add water to cover.

    Ingredients for this step

    • 1kg 2¼ lb Crab apple
    • Water to cover
  2. Classic mode Step 2

    Peel a piece of rind from the lemon, as long as you can. Cut away any white pith with a small sharp knife. Add this to the pan.

    Ingredients for this step

    • 1 1 Lemon(s)
  3. Classic mode Step 3

    Simmer the apples for 30 mins or so, until the skins are soft. Meanwhile, set a sieve over a large bowl and line it with muslin.

  4. Classic mode Step 4

    When the apples are cooked, spoon them into the muslin lined sieve and let the juice drip through to the bowl. Squeeze the bag to extract all the juice. If you prefer a perfectly clear jelly, do not squeeze the bag. This may have to be done in batches.

  5. Classic mode Step 5

    Measure out 1 litre of juice and put into a clean pan. Bring this to the boil, stir in the sugar and boil briskly until setting point is reached.

    Ingredients for this step

  6. Classic mode Step 6

    Skim the surface regularly with a clean metal spoon to remove any scum, for a clear jelly.

  7. Classic mode Step 7

    As soon as the jelly has reached setting point, spoon into jars. Do not delay, as it will start to set.

  8. Classic mode Step 8

    Cover with wax paper circles. Take care as it will be very hot. Label, including the date and store in a cool, dark place for up to 6 months. Enjoy at breakfast with bread or croissants.