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Calorie Conscious Apple & Cinnamon Muffins

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Makes 12
Makes 12

About the bake

These apple and cinnamon muffins are absolutely gorgeous, perfect for an afternoon tea time treat or for breakfast. 

10 ingredients4 steps


    1. Step 1

      Preheat the oven to 200°C, (fan 180°C, gas mark 6). Line a muffin tin with 12 cases. Sift the flour, cinnamon, salt and baking powder together into a bowl.

    2. Step 2

      Whisk together the egg, Half Spoon Sugar, milk, vanilla and melted butter.

    3. Step 3

      Sift the dry flour mix onto the egg mixture and taking a large metal spoon very quickly fold together the dry ingredients and wet. Take care not to stir or over mix – the dry flour only just needs to be combined. Fold in the diced apple, again quickly and without over mixing.

    4. Step 4

      Divide the mixture between the muffins cases and bake in the pre-heated oven for 20-25 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. Remove from the muffin tin and leave on a wire rack to cool.


      • 270gAllinson's Plain White Flour 
      • 4 tspCinnamon 
      • 0.25 tspSalt 
      • 4 tspBaking powder 
      • 2Eggs (whole, beaten) 
      • 70gHalf spoon granulated sugar 
      • 220mlMilk (semi-skimmed) 
      • 90gButter (unsalted) 
      • 1.5 tspNielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract 
      • 3Apple(s) 


    • Muffin tin
    • Muffin cases
    • Sieve
    • Mixing bowl
    • Whisk
    • Skewer
    • Cooling rack

    6 Baker Ratings

    Tried a moment ago. Bery light brown as didn’t add enough cinnamon powder. Not so sweet - good

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    I made these buns and they were nice but a little dry....wonder would maple syrup added instead of sugar help to make them more moist? Any one have any idea how many calories these are per bun?

    Baking Mad


    I would suggest not adding anymore liquid into the recipe but maybe reducing the bake time if you are finding them dry, they might be slightly overbaked.

    Happy Baking!

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