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Play With Your Food

Family Baking

Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? Here are 5 sure fire ways to make your bakes a whole lot more fun!

 1.    Biscuit Jenga

This game is ideal played with any finger biscuits such as Bourbons, or Shortbread. The rules are the same as regular Jenga. Players take turns, using only one hand to remove a single biscuit from the stack without causing the stack to fall. The top two rows must be left untouched. If they successfully remove a biscuit, they add it to their pile ready to eat. The person who topples the tower, hands back their pile of biscuits and does not get to eat them. Everyone else can then eat from their winning piles.

2.    Noughts & Crosses

noughts and crosses game

Noughts & Crosses, Three in a Row or Tic-tac-toe? Whichever name you call it, this is a game that goes back centuries. Traditionally played using pen and paper, why not give it a unique twist by marking a grid on baking paper and using biscuits as playing pieces? Any kind of biscuit dough would work and each player could use a different flavour or decorate their pieces before play.

3.    Scrabble

Scrabble board with homemade biscuits

These Scrabble Biscuits are a fun addition to any games night. The recipe is so easy and would also be a great gift idea for any linguistics loving friends or family. The hardest part will be trying to complete a game without eating all the letters. 

 4.    Doughnut Ring Toss

raspberry doughnuts close up

If biscuits aren’t your thing then doughnut ring toss could be the game for you. Simply whip up a batch of ringed doughnuts, set up a ring toss on your table and start throwing. These Cherry and Vanilla Ring Doughnuts would be perfect but if you would rather not risk wasting your precious bakes then alternatively you could make doughnut decorated rings from cardboard and then the winner gets to eat the real freshly baked batch.

5.    Doughnut on a String

doughnuts on a string

A less messy alternative to the doughnut ring toss, but no less fun is the age old game of Doughnut on a String. With this game all contestants get to eat the delicious delights but only with their hands firmly behind their back. All you need to do is get a length of string long enough to suspend the doughnut at head height, tie one end around a ringed doughnut and the other from a taller support structure such as a tree brand. You then line the contestants up and say go. The first to finish eating their doughnut using only their mouths in the winner. 

If you play any of these don’t forget to upload your photos to our Facebook page or share your snaps on Instagram @BakingMad, we would love to see them.