Blackcurrant Jam

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    1h 20m
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      1h 0m
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  • Dietary Needs

    • Dairy free
    • Egg free
    • Gluten free
    • Nut free
    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
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The UK is famed for it's preserves and this Blackcurrant Jam is one of the nations favourites. Our recipe uses a specialist preserving pan to cook down the blackcurrants and preserving sugared to sweeten the jam. If you have a large quantity of blackcurrants this jam recipe is the best way to use them up. There are only so many blackcurrant pies you can make in one summer!


  1. String the blackcurrants by running a fork down the stem to remove the berries.

    • 2kg Blackcurrants
  2. Place the blackcurrants in preserving pan with 1.5litres cold water, bring up to the boil, then simmer gently until the currants are tender and the mixture has reduced considerably. As the pulp becomes thick, stir it frequently to prevent burning.

    • 1.5l Water (cold)
  3. Add the sugar, stir until dissolved then bring back to the boil. Boil hard for 5 minutes then test for setting point.

    • 3kg Silver Spoon Preserving Sugar
  4. To test for setting point, place 2-3 saucers in the freezer. Pour 1 tsp jam on the saucer and chill in the fridge for 5 mins, the jam should be thick and wrinkle if the setting point has been reached. If thin, return to the heat. Always remove the jam from the heat while testing the set or you may over cook the jam and it will set too hard.

  5. Pour the jam into approx 10 500g /lb clean sterilized jam jars, Fill right to the top then cover with waxed jam pot covers and cellophane, or sterilised lids. To sterlise jars, wash well in hot soapy water, rinse, then heat in a warm oven for 10 mins.

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  1. 1 star rating

    Too much water!

  2. 4 star rating

    I used this recipe last night, but do think the amount of water recomended 1 and a half litres is too much, it seemed to take for ages to simmer down and still remained perhaps too liquid overnight result was unset jam.
    Maybe use advice from other recipes and just cover fruit with water in the pan when boiling up jam.

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