Toffee Apples by Juliet Sear

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Everyone is familiar with a toffee apple, but have you ever tried making your own? These toffee apples by Juliet Sear are topped with roasted chopped hazelnuts making them extra special. 


  1. Line a baking tray with baking parchment.

    Place the apples in a large heatproof bowl, pour over boiling water to cover completely, then remove the water. This takes off any wax coating from the apples and will help the toffee to stick to the apples.

  2. Polish dry with kitchen paper, twist off the stalks and push your toffee apple sticks or birch sticks halfway into the core of the apples from the stalk end.

  3. Melt the butter and add the golden syrup to it, set aside for later.

    • 50g Golden Syrup
    • 45g Salted Butter (At room temperature)
  4. If you wish to add some roasted chopped hazelnuts have these at the ready in small bowls.

  5. Place the golden caster sugar and water in a large heavy-based pan and stir constantly over a low heat with a wooden spoon for 3 to 5 minutes until the sugar has dissolved and there are no crystals.

    • 300g Unrefined Golden Caster Sugar (We Like Billington's)
    • 80ml Water
  6. Add the butter and syrup mix to the pan and stir completely to mix.

    Bring to the boil with a sugar thermometer resting in the mixture.

    Top Tip: Stirring
  7. At this point, when the temperature on the sugar thermometer reaches 149° to 154°C work quickly to remove the pan from the heat then tilt the pan, and carefully dip the apples one at a time in the toffee.

    Top Tip: Dipping
  8. Once set, store the toffee apples in an airtight container in a dry place, or wrap in a cello bag. Eat within 24 hours before the toffee softens.

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