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Introducing the revolutionary new must have ingredient...Allinson's Time Saver Yeast.

Allinson's Time Saver Yeast

Allinson’s know that nothing compares to homemade bread but that it takes time and effort to create your own delicious loaves at home, so you might not get the chance to indulge your bread baking habit as much as you’d like...That’s why they've channelled their 125 years of bread-making expertise and passion for the best quality ingredients into bringing you brand new Allinson’s Time Saver Yeast which reduces proving time by up to half. So now there’s no excuse to not get your hands doughy! Ready-weighed in a convenient sachet, Time Saver Yeast is the perfect partner for speedy hand baking and you can use 1 sachet whenever a recipe calls for 7g of ‘Fast Action’, ‘Instant’ or ‘Easy Bake’ Yeast.

Get yours now in Morrisons and Asda for only 50p!

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We show you how to reactivate Allinson's dried active yeast before you bake

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Yeast - The Unsung Hero

Allinson's share with us which yeast to use to get your best bake yet

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Allinson's - A Story of Passion

With over 125 years of baking expertise it's fair to say that Allinson's know a little something about baking bread... we want to take you on a journey through time, to find out where Allinson's passion for bread baking comes from…

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