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You may have kids at home that need entertaining, or just be a big kid yourself! Either way, we have lots of goodies to entertain little people & hungry adults alike. Aprons at the ready!

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Bake me a story with Rosemary Shrager

Bedtime story with Rosemary Shrager

Whether you remember Jackanory or you enjoy watching Cbeebies Bedtime Stories there is something wonderful about someone reading a children's story. 

Rosemary Shrager has been reading the tale of 'The Stinky Sprouts' on our social channels followed by a bake along showing you how to bake the delicious sprout cake pops with your little ones. Definitely one to watch with the family.

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Simple & fun classic baking recipes

Q&A with Rosemary Shrager

Foodie legend, TV star and mum-of-two Rosemary Shrager shares her top tips for baking with children and picks out the classic recipes from our Baking Mad archive, that from her years of experience, perfectly entertain the kids as well as tantalise the taste buds.

What age should kids start baking?

Definitely from at least 3 years old. Focus on the sensory aspect of baking, mixing batter is an easy way to do this. The quicker they can learn about the different textures, the better.

What can you bake with toddlers?

Look for simple and easy recipes. It’s best to let them get their hands dirty and messy. Recipes such as; scones, fairy cakes, or basic biscuits are really simple to follow so they can produce a bake and get immediate satisfaction and joy.

What are fun things to bake with kids?

Children will always make it fun. Get them to come up with the idea. Get colour involved. For Pancakes; add rhubarb, change the ingredients…for a savoury pancake; use peas so it's colourful and engaging. Always think outside the box.

Why bake with kids? 

Baking aids creativity and helps children enjoying cooking. Cooking is so important and get children doing this at an early age will help it become a hobby. Think outside the box & get the children to come up with some ideas around decoration. Giving them confidence to carry on and do more.

Five top tips for successful baking with kids

1. You’ve got to integrate as much as possible. It’s important to let them do it and don’t take over from them. 

2. Preparation is key. By making sure your recipe is fun and easy and your ingredients are all ready to go. Bring the eggs & butter out of the fridge to warm up to room temperature in advance, this means children can bake quickly and not get upset waiting around. If their bakes succeed, they’ll want to do it more.

3. Honey is a great sugar alternative or maple syrup. Maple is a stronger flavour so be mindful of this in your bakes. Thinking outside the box, not being ridged and use what you have in your store cupboard. Never make it a problem, always make it into a positive.

4. Prepare for mess, your baking with kids, kids love to get messy, this will be messy so prepare! Oil cloth is great to cover any surfaces (especially if you’re using food colouring), some old newspaper on the floor to catch the slops and spills will save you some cleaning time at the end!

5. If you’re baking with young children make sure you have something to entertain them during cooking and cooling time; perhaps reading them a baking related story or maybe get them to draw a picture of what they’d like to decorate on their bake.

Inspirational recipe ideas for baking with kids

How to make play dough

A quick & easy recipe using everyday ingredients

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