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Gluten Free Chocolate & Cherry Muffins by Allinson's

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This chocolate and cherry muffin recipe is the perfect go-to if you're after a gluten free light and airy muffin. We've used buckwheat flour which is a seed rather than a grain. This makes it gluten free. The texture of this muffin is light and fluffy and the cut through of chocolate and cherry really work well together.  Perfect for a cup of tea, or a lunchbox treat- this muffin recipe will have the whole family happy.    

35Total Time
10Prep Time
25Bake Time


  1. Step 1:

    Set the oven to 180ºC fan (200ºC without fan) and put 12 muffin cases in a deep muffin tray.

  2. Step 2:

    In a mixing bowl add the sugar, eggs, cider vinegar, vanilla and yogurt to the bowl and beat vigorously with a whisk until smooth. Sift in the flour, Xanthan and baking powder and beat again until the flour is incorporated. Fold in the cherries and chocolate chips gently.

  3. Step 3:

    Pour the mixture into a jug and pour evenly into the 12 muffin cases. There should be at least 1cm of paper case above the mixture to allow the muffins to rise without spilling over the top. If you have more mixture, then keep it back and bake anything extra when the first batch are done.

  4. Step 4:

    Bake the muffins for 25 minutes or until well risen and firm to light pressure – a skewer will come out clean. Eat while still warm or keep in an airtight box for a few days. If you would like to keep these longer then freeze in the paper case and warm a little in the oven after defrosting.


  • For the Muffin

    • 100g Billington's light muscovado sugar
    • 100g Cherries (we used frozen ones, defrosted) or glace cherries cut in half
    • 100g Dark chocolate chips
    • 150g Allinson's Buckwheat Flour Blend
    • 2 tsp Gluten free baking powder
    • 150g Natural yoghurt
    • 100g Melted butter
    • 2 Large eggs
    • 2 tsp Cider vinegar
    • 2 tsp Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract
    • 0.5 tsp Xanthan powder


  • Muffin tray

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