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Close up of rocky road squares stacked on top of each other
215Total Time
15Prep Time
2Bake Time

Rocky Road Cake

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About our Rocky Road recipe

This rocky road recipe is one of our most popular recipes on Baking Mad! After all, who doesn't love a slice of Rocky Road?

Fluffy marshmallows, crunchy nuts, and chunks of biscuits coated in melted chocolate it's as simple as that. This easy rocky road recipe is great fun to make with all the family and the best bit is you can personalise your cake by mixing and matching the ingredients with your favourite sweets and biscuits.

What is the difference between Tiffin and rocky road?

The difference between rocky road and tiffin recipes is typically down to how the chocolate mixture binds together. Some tiffin recipes use condensed milk and cocoa powder to hold it all together and then add chocolate on top. Whereas, Rocky road is typically made using melted chocolate and syrup to hold it all together. We prefer this way, so our tiffin is made in a similar way.

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215Total Time
15Prep Time
2Bake Time


  1. Step 1:

    Line a 24 cm/9" square baking tin with non-stick baking paper.

  2. Step 2:

    Heat the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a pan over a low heat until melted. Remove from the heat.

  3. Step 3:

    Stir in the crushed biscuit pieces, nuts and marshmallows. Tip the mixture into the tin and smooth the top with a wet knife.

  4. Step 4:

    Melt the white chocolate and drizzle over the top of the cake to decorate.

  5. Step 5:

    Chill for about 2 hours until firm enough to cut.


    • 125g Unsalted butter (softened)
    • 150g Dark chocolate (broken into pieces)
    • 150g Milk chocolate (broken into pieces)
    • 3 tbsp Golden syrup
    • 100g Digestive biscuits (roughly crushed)
    • 100g Brazil nuts (roughly chopped)
    • 100g Mini marshmallows
    • 50g White chocolate (to drizzle)


  • 9in
  • 24cm square baking tin
  • Baking paper
  • Saucepan

Nutritional Information

per 39g
  • 224cal Energy
  • 15g Fat
  • 7.6g of which Saturates
  • 20g Carbohydrates
  • 16g of which Sugars
  • 2.5g Protein
  • 0.12g Salt

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