Blueberry Scones

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This blueberry scone recipe is a bit special. They're laden with juicy summer British blueberries and then covered with a zesty lemon glaze and poppy seeds for some extra crunch. The perfect blueberry scone should be soft and light in the middle with a crumbly, slightly crunchy outer crust. You'll know when they are baked as the outside is nice and golden.

We've baked ours in a round shape to create one large scone and sliced it like a cake. You can make individual portions if you wish although you might have to change the baking tray you are using.

Be careful to not add in too many blueberries to the mix, they tend to release moisture into the scone, so having too many may give you a bit of a soggy centre.

Really these should be called lemon and blueberry scones because of the wonderful lemon drizzle we've added but if your not a lemon fan this can quite easily be left out. The drizzle is made in a similar way to a lemon drizzle cake. With this bake however, make sure the scone is fully cooled down on a cooling rack before drizzling.

We've also included a classic Baking Mad tips video in the method to show you the best way to rub the butter into flour to start the scone mixture off. Let us know how you get on in the comments!


  1. Preheat your oven to 190ºc/ 170ºc fan/ gas mark 5, Line a baking sheet with some baking parchment.

  2. Mix together the flour and salt in a large bowl. Rub in the butter until you have a breadcrumb consistency.

    • 75g Self Raising Flour
    • ¼ tsp Salt
    • 75g Butter (Unsalted)
  3. Stir in the sugar and carefully fold in the blueberries by hand so they aren't squashed.

    • 90g Blueberries
  4. In a separate bowl, beat the egg and stir in 3 tbsp of the buttermilk.

  5. Add this to the flour mixture and gently mix in.

  6. Add the final 1 tbsp of buttermilk and bring the mixture togther with your hands taking care not to squash the fruit. Add a little more flour if the mixture is too sticky.

  7. Turn out onto a floured surface and form a flat round. Roll or press out into a 20cm/8in circle.

  8. Transfer this to the baking sheet and mark into 8 segments with a knife.

  9. Bake for 25 minutes but check for doneness after 20 minutes.

    Top Tip: Prevent Burning
  10. When cooked allow to cool completely on a rack.

  11. Make the glaze by combining the icing sugar, lemon juice and water. When the scone is cool, pour over the glaze and sprinkle with poppyseeds.

  12. Allow to set before serving.

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