Our Top 10 Family Friendly Bakes

Written by:Sam

It’s the school holidays and your little ones are buzzing with excitement to go outside and frolic in the sun, but wait – what’s that you see in the sky? Rain clouds?! Well it is a British summer after all so it is to be expected, but don’t despair as we have selected 10 super fun, family friendly recipes that are sure to keep your little ones entertained for a while until the sun reappears.


Ginger Giggles Teepees

Are the lego characters in the toybox due for a new holiday home? Then these cute gingerbread teepees are just the ticket.

They are also really simple to whip up using the Sweetpea Pantry Ginger Giggles Mix (available in Sainsbury’s, Tescos, M&S and Ocado) so children of all ages can join in. 


Jammy Biscuits

Jammy dodgers are always a firm family favourite in the biscuit tin but we think it is time for them to move over for a new favourite, homemade Jammy biscuits.

The satisfaction of baking them yourself makes them taste even better, plus you can make them extra jammy. Watch out for those sticky fingers, all that jam could get rather messy!


Rocky Road Cake

One of our firm favourites here at Baking Mad. Chocolate, marshmallows, biscuits… need we say anymore? This classic Rocky Road Cake cannot be beaten in the mmmmmm stakes.

It so easy to make and a great way to use up leftover bags of sweets or Easter Eggs (if they are still lingering around)


Grainy Brainy Pancake Pops

Ignore the myths that pancakes are just celebrated one day a year we believe that they should be savored all year long.

These Grainy Brainy Pancake Pops are a fun way of sneaking wholesome ingredients into your little ones diets and what’s more they are also sugar and gluten free.

Pick up a pack of Sweetpea Pantry Grainy Brainy Pancake mix from your supermarket and give it a try.


Unicorn Bark

Unicorns, rainbows and sprinkles, the perfect way to spend time baking in your kitchen.

This fabulous chocolate bark recipe is ideal for any unicorn fan and makes a great gift or party favour too for a children’s party.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Love Chocolate Chip Cookies? Well you are going to really enjoy this twist on the classic recipe.

These Cookie Cups are great for serving ice cream on a warm day or even an edible tea cup at your next Teddy Bear’s picnic.


Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

No need to wait for the ice cream van to come by, create your own special 99 flake ice cream with a twist – a cupcake in your cone.

This is a really fun bake that the whole family will enjoy.


Caterpillar Cupcakes

Keep your Hungry Caterpillars busy making and decorating these entertaining cupcakes.

Your little ones will love decorating these with sweets.


Rainbow Doughnuts

Somewhere over the rainbow…there are these delicious doughnuts that are guaranteed to brighten even the most dreary day.

We have drizzled ours with icing, but if you want a real over-the-top effect why not dip in icing sugar and cover with rainbow sprinkles.


Pizzas With Funny Faces

It’s not all about cakes, if your family prefers sweet over savoury another fun activity is a pizza making session.

Pizza dough is really not as tricky as you think and a great way to involve even the most pickiest of eaters as everyone can top their own pizza with their favourite flavours.

Decorating the pizzas with funny faces is sure to put smiles on your little ones faces.


And if by chance the sun reappears after your baking session, why not whip out the picnic blanket and enjoy an impromptu tea party to enjoy all of your cakes and bakes. Just be quick before the next rain clouds roll in again…

"I love the mantra 'do the things in life that makes you happy' and for me that is baking. I genuinely am Baking Mad. As a new Mummy I look forward to experiencing baking all over again, and some of the fun challenges that come with it, with my little girl"

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