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Easter Baking Inspiration

Easter is a time to don the baking aprons and get the mixing bowls out. If you're looking for some Easter baking inspiration, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find everything from traditional classics like the Hot Cross Bun, to perfect little Simnel Bites and tasty Carrot Cakes.


Perhaps you're looking for something a bit new? Take a look further down where we take traditional recipes and add a twist! Our Rocky Road Brownies are insanely good and who doesn't love a Millionaire's Shortbread topped with Creme Eggs? Fancy a go at baking? Leaving a review has never been easier. Share your thoughts on how it went, we love to hear from you!


Classic Easter Recipes

Did you Know?

Springtime is a time when the world comes back to life. Ancient Anglo-Saxon tradition, refers to Eostre, the Goddess of Spring. They claimed that this was the time when she'd return back to Earth. To welcome her back, they'd make what's known today as  Simnel Cake

Today's version is a fruit filled cake baked with marzipan in the middle. It's then topped with marzipan and decorated with 11 balls to represent the apostles minus Judas. You can sometimes find a ball in the middle which represents Christ. "We missed you Eostre!" is probably what you should say when you eat one of our miniature versions of this fruity treat. 

Easter with a Twist

There are many legends, stories and superstitions surrounding the humble hot cross bun and some versions of the baked delights can be dated back to Ancient Greece! The first record of a hot cross bun though comes from a 1733 text that reads: “Good Friday comes this month, the old woman runs, with one or two a penny hot cross buns”.

We will show you how to make a hot cross bun, whether you go for a traditional version or try a twist on the classic old fashioned one – we've got something for you.

Easter Eggs

Let's talk Chocolate Eggs

The first chocolate Easter egg introduced to Britain is attributed to J.S. Fry and Sons of England in 1987 and it wasn’t long until this chocolatey trend soon spread and today it is a classic symbol of the Easter period.

Who doesn't love a chocolate Easter egg? We've teamed up with our friends at Billington's to have a bit of fun. Look what we made! A huge chocolate Easter egg filled with salted caramel and another filled with edible cookie dough. Guess how long it took for the office to demolish it? If you guessed anything over 5 minutes, you'd be wrong... 

Now we recognise that giant filled eggs aren't the norm, so instead, why don't you have a go and make your own Easter egg – either for a delicious family feast or to gift to a loved one.

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