Cheesy Garlic Monkey Bread by Liam Charles by Liam Charles

  • Total Time

    3h 10m
    • Prep Time

      2h 25m
    • Bake Time

  • Serves


"My guilty pleasure, well, one of many, is garlic bread – especially when it has loads of cheese and the garlic swings in and lingers there . . . Yum. Balls of cheesy garlicky goodness – perfect for a dinner party or just for a casual catch up with pals. You know what you should try this with? BBQ sauce - it’s banging, trust me." - Cheeky Treats by Liam Charles, published by Hodder & Stoughton. Photography by Haarala Hamilton © Hodder & Stoughton 2018


  1. Place all the herb butter ingredients in a large bowl and beat with a hand-held mixer to combine.

    • 1 Garlic Clove (Peeled & Minced)
    • 125g Unsalted Butter (Softened)]
    • A handful Thyme (Leaves Picked & Finely Chopped)
    • A handful Parsley (Leaves Picked & Finely Chopped)
    • A small bunch of Chives (Snipped)
    • To taste Fine Sea Salt
  2. Tip on to some baking parchment or clingfilm, roll and wrap up, then place in the fridge until needed.

  3. To make the dough, warm the milk in a saucepan over a gentle heat.

    • 175ml Whole Milk
  4. Remove from the heat and stir in the sugar and butter. Keep stirring until the butter has melted. Allow to cool to lukewarm.

    • 2 tsp Billington's Unrefined Golden Caster Sugar
    • 100g Unsalted Butter (Cubed, Plus Extra for Greasing)
  5. Sift your flour and salt into a large bowl, stir in the yeast and herbs then make a well in the centre. Pour in your beaten eggs and lukewarm milk and give it a quick mix to form a soft pillowy dough.

    • 500g Allinson Strong White Bread Flour
    • 1 tsp Fine Sea Salt
    • 7g Allinson Easy Bake Yeast Sachet
    • 2 tbsp Basil (Freshly Chopped)
    • 2 tbsp Oregano (Fresh)
    • 4 Large Eggs (Lightly Beaten)
  6. Knead by hand for 15 minutes, until elastic, super soft and sticky.

  7. Pop the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with some oiled clingfilm and leave for 1½–2 hours, until doubled in size.

  8. Lightly brush a 25cm springform cake tin with melted butter

  9. Knock back the dough and sprinkle half the grated cheese over the top. Knead for 1–2 minutes, until the cheese is well distributed.

    • 150g Cheddar Cheese (Grated )
  10. Divide the dough into 19 equal-sized balls. (Weigh each ball – you’re aiming for 50g balls. If the balls are different sizes, the bread won’t cook evenly.)

  11. Pinch each ball underneath like a balloon and roll to make a smooth ball. Arrange them in concentric circles around the tin. Sprinkle half the remaining cheese in the gaps between the balls, cover again and leave to prove for a further 2 hours, until well risen.

    • 150g Cheddar Cheese (Grated )
  12. Preheat oven to 200°C/Fan 180°C/Gas 6.

  13. Bake your bread for 30–35 minutes. Meanwhile, melt the herb butter in a small pan over a low heat.

  14. Remove the bread from the oven and brush your buns with the herb butter and sprinkle over the remaining cheese. Pop back in the oven and bake for a further 10 minutes, until golden.

  15. Make sure you serve it warm so that the cheese oozes.

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  1. 5 star rating

    This sounds fabulous, can’t wait to try it But wondered if you can use dried herbs instead of fresh?

    Yes dried herbs would be fine as a substitute for fresh herbs.

    Happy Baking!

  2. 5 star rating

    This was a superhit dish when I baked it first time. My daughter loved it and we all finished it while it was still hot. Mouth drooling super cheeeeeesy. Yummy.

  3. 5 star rating

    Whilst running through the recipe, I did feel it was a touch laborious for my first bake. The dough felt very wet through the first knead, and was wondering if I got the measurements wrong? Substituted the cheddar with mozzarella.

    The end result was amazing I have to say....and so satisfying. The aroma was lovely too. Will definitely be baking this one again, as its gone done a storm with friends and family.

  4. 5 star rating

    Oh My Lord, well worth doing, its's so full of cheese and garlic, (though we did add more garlic).
    Please Try this, you won't be disappointed.
    We're so glad you loved the recipe! Next time you bake this, please share a picture with us on Instagram- Tag @BakingMad.
    Happy Baking

  5. 4 star rating

    Although this was a long process to make it was received with huge enthusiasm. Suggest you put it on a baking sheet as my cheese found its way though!

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