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We truly believe you can’t get a more classic flavour in your bakes than with vanilla. Our friends at Nielsen-Massey has really mastered this wonderful flavour and it’s really no surprise that their iconic Nielsen-Massey brown bottle has been the vanilla of choice for professional and homes bakers alike for over 100 years.

The homely taste and scent will elevate your baking and give your cakes and desserts real depth and richness. The secret is the exclusive cold extraction process that captures over 300 flavour notes of pure vanilla.

There really is no better time to get baking, so fire up the oven, pop on your apron and select one of Nielsen-Massey’s classic recipes below. Combine these recipes with our selection of tips, tricks and video snips and you will be well on your way to discovering what real vanilla tastes like.

Once you have tasted the quality in Nielsen-Massey’s vanilla extract in your bakes, we believe there will be only one vanilla for you…

The full range of Nielsen-Massey includes; vanilla extract; vanilla bean paste; rose water; orange blossom water; almond extract; lemon extract; orange extract; peppermint extract; coffee extract and chocolate extract. These can all be found in the home baking aisle.

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Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta by Nielsen-Massey

Serves: 4

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla & Chocolate Hot Cross Buns with stamp

Nielsen-Massey vanilla and chocolate hot cross buns

Serves: 12
Skill: medium

Nielsen-Massey vanilla, rhubarb and ginger trifle WEB

Nielsen-Massey vanilla, rhubarb and ginger trifle

Serves: 8
Skill: medium

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla, Raspberry & White Chocolate Victoria Sponge with stamp

Nielsen-Massey vanilla, raspberry and white chocolate layered sponge cake

Serves: 15
Skill: medium

Nielsen-Massey carrot cake with vanilla bean icing

Nielsen-Massey carrot cake with vanilla bean icing

Serves: 8
Skill: medium