Easy like Sunday morning

What's better than indulging in a homemade breakfast and savouring that 'ahhhhhhhhh' moment? Start your day with a smile, go on, you deserve it.

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Eric Lanlard's thoughts on one of our favourite meals of the day: breakfast

French Patissier, celebrity chef and our good friend Eric Lanlard has been chatting all things breakfast with us, in particular, what he likes to wake up to. Eric knows that there is nothing like waking up and smelling the coffee with a slow, relaxing, delicious breakfast. Eric has shared some of his favourite breakfast recipes for all you early birds (and night owls) because let’s face it, breakfast can be enjoyed all day long!

1. What is a good and filling breakfast to make?

To start the day super charged I  like to bake 'garden' muffins with loads of seeds and nuts.  My favourite ones are with courgette and pumpkin seeds with lots of cinnamon served warm with greek yoghurt and dark honey.

2. What's the most unique breakfast you've ever made?

Funny enough for a patissier, I am more of a savoury person (I don't have a sweet tooth!) I love a good toasted burrito or quesadilla with avocado and meat, or even a spicy Middle Easten shakshuka eggs. I like to dip my home baked sourdough bread into it.  

3. What's the difference between French toast and eggy bread? 

Eggy bread is used more as a savoury dish topped with crispy bacon and fried eggs. French toast is usually sweet and made using brioche served with cinnamon and maple syrup or honey. 

4. What do you like to listen to when making breakfast?

When getting breakfast ready, I like to be relaxed and chilled so will usually go for an  easy listening playlist or a cafe  bossa style cover playlist, which very similar to the music that we play at my pattiserie/cookery school- Cake Boy.

5. What's your go-to breakfast recipe? 

I  am a big fan of crumpets and I think these lovely airy treats should be more popular. They are delicious with both sweet or savoury topping or even just with topped with a quality salty butter. 

Classic breakfast recipes with a twist

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Easy like Sunday morning

Let's talk playlists...

Good Morning, Good Morning! The sun is rising. You’re feeling ready to embrace the day ahead but first you’ve got to put some fuel in your tank by whipping up a delicious brekkie in the kitchen. So brew a pot of tea or coffee, pick your breakfast recipe of choice, pop on our fresh Spotify playlist to really get you in the baking mood and most importantly: dance like NOBODY’S watching!

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